Collaboration and transparency is at the heart of everything DataCow does. It’s AI driven best in class search methodologies allow for a rapid retrieval, sharing and annotation of all documents across the life span of the project, from building and managing the tender process to ultimate execution and completion of any and all site work. Alongside it’s custom-built instant messaging and email systems it takes information from it’s own dedicated databases to offer real-time project cost reporting and day to day people management tools to manage all aspects of the project, including salaries, Plant hire, Materials and any other associated project costs allowing for all project stakeholders to have a real time view of costs and project completion.


  • Email & Instant Messaging
  • Document Viewing, Sharing and Annotation
  • Calendar Sharing
  • Audit Trail of All Documents (Every Document Email Accessible)
  • Fast Advanced Searching
  • Document and Revision Control

Real Time Project Cost Reporting

  • Plant Hire (Calculated Daily)
  • Contractor Applications & Valuations
  • Internal Cost Transfers
  • Labour
  • Salaries Supported by Diary Entries
  • Materials Purchase Orders and Deliveries

HR Management

  • Personal Development Module
  • Staff and Labour
  • Training Management and Records
  • Professional Services
  • Holiday and Absence Management

People and Organisations

  • Clients
  • CRM System
  • Contractors
  • Enquiries
  • Suppliers