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Equipped with powerful AI features to save time and improve efficiency.



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DataCow is a cloud-based operating system that gives you the ability to manage, securely store and share information.

Data is everywhere, on your server, your desktop and spread across countless inboxes. Right now, companies are spending huge amounts of money subscribing to countless software solutions, yet despite all this, records are still incomplete, scattered, and virtually impossible to control or even find.

That’s exactly the situation Spencer Group found themselves in, but decided to do something about it. They put together a group of engineers and developers determined to put that right. Fast forward to the present day, DataCow has evolved into a powerful platform—an AI-equipped machine learning system with over 15 years’ experience of more than 500 real-world projects, totalling over a £1 billion.

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Emails but better
Document Management
Enquiries and Procurement
Specialist Contractor Management
Project Financials
People and Organisations

Save Time & Money

Make your data work harder with our advanced AI powered data management tools to save your staff time and improve efficiency‭ ‬

Never Lose Data

AI and machine learning functions built in that automatically file documents and ensure they are never lost

One Platform

Multi functional platform for your commercial‭, ‬procurement‭, ‬project‭, ‬design‭, ‬HR‭ ‬&‭ ‬document management functions


Secure and encrypted through AWS‭, ‬your Data is always available across multiple devices and operating systems 

Setup in 1 day

A fully functioning system, complete with substantial database of existing business contacts for you to start using immediately

The benefits of DataCow across your business

…for Board Directors

Company Wide Cost Control – Capture and control your entire business costs, liabilities and cash flow automatically.

Time‭ ‬&‭ ‬Cost Saving – Make your data work harder with our advanced ai powered data management tools to save your staff time and improve efficiency

‬Risk Management – Armed with a complete picture, DataCow supports informed decisions to help mitigate business risk

‭Full Data Capture‭ ‬&‭ ‬Visibility – All information automatically stored and indexed across your business, instantly available for board reporting and monitoring

‭‬Automated Cost Reporting – View your project costs at a click of a button with our comprehensive live financial reporting

Fully Integrated Platform – Multi functional platform for your commercial, procurement, project, design, HR & document management functions, in an all-in-one single-entry cloud-based system

View of example project cost report


View of example payment schedule


…for Commercial Teams

Live Cost ReportingLive project cost data, including incurred, committed and timesheet reconciliation

Full Cost ControlPurchase order, sub-contractor procurement and change management with approval gateways

Commercial Controls Automated contracting management system to ensure contract compliance

Contractor ManagementRobust commercial management system from initial enquiry to final account agreement

Contractor Payments Track and manage sub-contractor payments, approval gateways and payment and pay less notice prompts

‬Dispute Avoidance Fully automated and complete auditable trail for all project information, including advanced search features

‬Cash Flow Control Align key contractual data with your supply chain data to maintain a positive cash flow

…for Document Control

Automated Data FilingAI and machine learning functions built in that automatically file documents and ensure they are never lost

Automatic Data Management All project information in one place, all revisable and accessible

‭Quality Documents TemplatesUse templates with DataCow’s built in QR code and OCR technology for consistent data management control

‭No Data DuplicationDataCow checks all incoming information to ensure only unique records are stored

‭Lightning Fast SearchDocument content is automatically indexed and searchable in seconds

‬Fully Auditable A full history of who viewed, downloaded and shared data is automatically recorded, along with any associated documents

View of example document icon preview gallery


View of example Primavera P6 programme viewer


…for Project Teams

‭Live Project Data Live Primavera and Microsoft Project‭ ‬reporting tools through XER Schedule Toolkit

Task‭ ‬&‭ ‬RemindersAllocate tasks to your team and set alerts to emails, documents, subjects and people

‭Quality Management Single source of truth for all project documents

Enhanced Decision Making – Instantly search through project data, communications and costs to make the right decision with the complete picture

Managing Project Resources Shared‭, ‬group and individual calendars all in one place

‭Transparent Communications All project communication contained in one place, not over multiple inboxes

‬Hand Back Information Golden thread of information to aid the development of handback files

…for Human Resources

Personnel ManagementStaff personnel records for salary, package details and employment history

‭Training Records Full auditable record of training including automated reminders for competency renewals

Personal Development ToolsRecord and track all training and development progress

Time Sheets Integrated time sheet and the diary system to instantly record and cost all project activities

Holiday‭ / ‬Absence Control – Integrated holiday booking and approval system together with absence history

View of example timesheet and diary entries


View of example detailed purchase order


…for Procurement Teams

‬Enquiry System Supply chain engagement with built in automated enquiry system

Purchase Orders‭ ‬&‭ ‬Approvals Seamlessly convert enquires into purchase orders with built in approval gateways

Full Cost Control Automated invoice checking process against purchase orders and deliveries

Trade Directory Build your trade directory and utilise the rating system to enhance your decision making

Delivery Tracking – Full visibility of delivery process from enquiry to receipt on site

‬Plant Hire Tracking Track hire costs against planned usage and budget

…for Security Management

ISO27001 Be safe in the knowledge that DataCow is ISO27001 accredited

Secure Servers Our cloud servers are fully accredited, secure and uk based

User Management Only those users who are working on a project have access to the data

Tiered Access Control what users can view, access and change depending on their needs within a project

Secure Email ProvisionEnd to end encryption of all communications using DataCow’s private email system

View of example project stage role assignment


View of example document viewer and toolkit


…for Design Management

Bespoke Document Viewer Review, download and monitor key attributes including revision, transmittal, viewing and download history of all documents

Full Common Data Environment ISO 19650‭ ‬compliant CDE with revision, status control and document referencing

Collaboration Sessions Have multiple users marking up the same document in real time over virtual meetings

Icon Preview Function Utilise icon preview mode to quickly find the document or drawing you are looking for

Automated OCR All documents automatically registered, fully indexed and searchable by content

Complete Markup History Automatically maintain a permanent record of your quality control markups to aid compliance to the design brief and enhanced decision making

“In an era of remote working, DataCow has massively improved our efficiency. It allows us to leverage our information on a single, cost effective platform, safe in the knowledge that nothing is lost and when needed, is always immediately available.”

Charlie SpencerExecutive Chairman of Spencer Group

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